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Annual Website Maintenance Services Las Vegas, NV

Website maintenance costs

So you don’t know how much you should be paying or how much things cost when it comes to the Internet. You are told by others that you can get domain names for $15.00, website hosting for $50.00, but why is it so confusing and why such a variation on costs. Well, most companies don’t share with you ALL the details or they do not take into account what your goal is and what you are trying to accomplish on the Web. Remember, there is design, programming, ranking, conversion and lead generation. Are you trying to generate new leads? Are you trying to simply show off your website to your existing customers? Are you trying build value in your website for the long term so you can sell it? Gosh, there are so many reasons these days to be on the Web.

There is no need to pay $70.00/hr to a designer, $95.00/hr to a programmer, monthly fees to an “SEO professional”, a computer guy that promises to get you on the front page of Google, OR no need to pay an expensive $40K/yr salary to an employee when you have this full protection.

Is my website maintenance unlimited?

Let me suggest, this is why we provide an all exclusive package to protect you from all of those questions. We refer to it as a “buffet.” You can choose what you want and eat as much or little as you want. It is a full protection and a full insurance for your business. We provide an all exclusive group of services that are critical to your success on the Internet and group them at one low price so you never get nickel and dimed when you need help.

So why do we provide website maintenance packages at this cost and how can we afford it?

Simply, we are like an insurance company, because of the volume of clients and staff we have in place we can afford to spread our costs over a good staff to assist you and because of our technology we use, our years and expertise (over 20 years in business), we do things much faster and more efficient than most. We want to keep you for a long time, like most of our clients today. We care about building a relationship with YOU and not your pocketbook. So feel free to check around as we have purposely priced this so low that it is impossible for anyone to provide these services at this price.

What’s included in my website maintenance plan?

We provide the following list. The list may include other items that have not been documented, so feel free to ask if you do not see a maintenance related item below.

  1. Website changes – unlimited hours of changes
  2. SEO Services – BASIC – unlimited
  3. WordPress Maintenance Services – unlimited plugin updates and maintenance
  4. Website Hosting – unlimited. Some sites may carry over 5GB
  5. Website backup service plan – Backs up unlimited pages
  6. Website Security – unlimited daily scans
  7. Website Security – unlimited IP blocking
  8. Website Security – unlimited brute force attack, sql injection maintenance
  9. Website Bandwidth (traffic to your site) – unlimited (Bandwidth is amount of traffic to site)
  10. Google analytics services – unlimited
  11. Google Search Console services analysis- unlimited – NEW
  12. Business consulting – unlimited hours of assistance relating to the Internet as a whole
  13. Internet/marketing training as it relates to lead generation AND the construction industry as a whole – unlimited hours of training
  14. Online marketing consulting – unlimited
  15. Website consulting – proactive change suggestions to keep ranking – unlimited
  16. Management of website – unlimited
  17. Google my Business (GMB) full setup and mangement (does not include posting)- unlimited
  18. SEO Consultation and suggestions – unlimited
  19. Domain name renewal services (if domain is managed by us) – unlimited
  20. Website forms management and updates through JotForm – unlimited forms
  21. Website Content – unlimited placement of content that you provide to us
  22. Full website monitoring – we monitor all of your webpages every 1-minute to check whether the site is up or down. Alerts are provided if the site is down for us to ensure that your site stays up all of the time. We monitor response times every minute and strive for a 99.9% uptime.
  23. SEO Management on Custom Landing pagesunlimited
  24. Website Cleaning to ensure top page speeds – We will ensure both your desktop version and mobile version of your website are  maintained with eliminating render-blocking resources, properly size images, serve images in next-gen formats, reduce unused CSS, and tend to 13 other diagnostics – unlimited

$799/yr.($66.58 / mo.)