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Contractor Leads – Finish Basement Sandy, UT

Below is a great interaction between Contractor and potential customer looking to invest into the refinishing of their basement.  The generation of contractor leads like this will hopefully help Snow Construction grow their business.  Good luck on landing this job Ken.   Dave: I got both emails called him and will meet with him at 9 in...
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Email might have been hacked! Ouch!

Boy we have heard this alot in our lifetime, "My email is not working!"  Well recently we have heard the following, "People are trying to send me emails and I don't get them."  Here are a few remedies.  1.  Check your Spam folder.  2.  Make sure they are using your correct email address and did...
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Importance of keywords for your website

I want to quickly write to you about a subject called the Golden Rules of Keywords.  It's a common subject taught, but rarely understood.  Very simply put, this is important so you can drive the right traffic to your website with ultimately the goal of turning your traffic into leads and then into customers after...
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Picture Upload to Picasa Photo Gallery

Instructions for picture upload are following:
1.  Visit
2.  login with the following:
your password
3.  click on "My Photos" tab at top middle (this will show all photos)
4.  click "upload" at top middle of page
5.  Choose to add photos in "add to an existing album" or change the name to add new name
6.  Final step "select photos"...
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