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Company Photos match to Billions of Keyword Searches

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Every day millions of searches are done on the Internet with people typing in trillions of different keywords and phrases and finding different results based upon all these different searches. Imagine finding your company photo of your project on a specific webpage that is on your website that relates exactly to that search only.

Well we have been hard at work updating the localized landing page software that creates webpages for our selected customers. Today the technology team announced that after alot of upgrade and hard work that each keyword specific landing page now has the ability to display a complete unique photo for each word generated.

So in summary this is how if works: if we build 1000 pages related to the specific term “stamped concrete,” there are thousands of words that relate to stamped concrete that are being searched on the Internet daily like,

“stamped concrete cost”
“stamped concrete patterns”
“stamped concrete patio”
and etc. etc.

With this in mind each page you create must have the proper content and photographs related to the specific search. So in this case we now can attach the proper photos on a mass scale to the proper search terms. This will truly optimize your pages and bring you specific customers based upon what they searched.

See this example:

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