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Educating a client on landing pages:

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Educating a client on landing pages:


What is the objective of a landing page?   The objective of a landing page is to attract people to your website by ranking on the Google search engine. Landing pages will empower you to market to individuals searching for the type of work you do. The most beneficial pieces of information you can get from a landing page is the customer’s name, email address, and phone number, which will allow you to reach out to them for the lead.  These leads come directly to you, therefore there is no middleman involved when it comes to the lead. Landing pages have basic information on them, making it simple for the client to fill out and submit the page to you.  Too much information on the page will only deter the client, losing their interest, and creating them to look elsewhere.   Each landing page is created by your focus keyword(s) which will provide traffic to your website. Your analytics will determine how well your keyword(s) are working for you.  By having 20,000 or more landing pages attached to your website, you have the ability to populate quicker on Google.  The eventual goal is not just higher conversion, but getting the ultimate lead which will lead to more sales and increase your business.

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