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Why is finding a really good contractor so hard?

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With so many contractors claiming to be the best the industry has to offer, how does someone truly find the exceptional contractor? As with anything in life, research is very important and can prevent some costly mistakes from happening. How many years has the contractor been in business? Is he able to offer solid reviews? Does he have the ability to listen and act on your wishes, or does he already have in his mind what is needed? Often what makes a contractor stand out among the million others, is his degree of creativity. Offering everyone the same cookie cutter design, that he is most comfortable with, will certainly rank low on the exceptional contractor scale.The key elements in finding the best contractor available would be, Is he licensed, and insured? He needs to be flexible in working around your schedule. Pricing should be fair. When checking on some of the reviews, find out if the project was done on time, and if the price remained the same all the way through to completion. Lastly, make sure he is professional, personable, and prompt.

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