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Google Guidelines for Being Accepted

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So here is the question….What does Contractor Website Services do for my company and what is the goal?  Very simply, to help “Google find, crawl and rank your website”.

Afterall, it’s the biggest market for services in the world.  I mean, if you wanted to set up shop for your company’s services in a market with the most visitors possible, with almost 200 Billion Searches a month, would it not make sense to set up smack dab in the middle of Google?  This is what Contractor Website Services Provides, a place for your services to be accessed, but beware there are rules...

Often times we are asked, how can you get my company to show up on Google because that is what everybody else tells me they are going to do.  I hear the same statements every day from clients that they receive a call from someone “at Google” that is going to make all of their dreams come true and their business is going to show up on Google overnight.   In this series, we will touch on why a company shows up in Google and it all starts with understanding of Webmaster Guidelines set forth by Google.

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