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How do I show up in Adwords?

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Many people ask me everyday how do I get to the top of Google with Pay Per Click (PPC)?  If I bid the most amount of money for the placement of my ad won’t I show up first on Google?

Here is the formula that Google uses:

Page Position on Google = maximum bid  x quality score

So what does this mean?

Your position on Google’s AdWords system is determined by how much you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad at Google multiplied by your quality score.

So what is a quality score?

This is determined by your click rate % ( I know all of this sounds foreign to you), but in a nutshell here is how a quality score works.  When your ad is displayed a customer has a chance to click on your ad.  If they click on that ad then your ad is something that was interesting to them and matched what they searched for.  If that ad was not interesting, then they ignore it.  The higher the percentage of time they click on your ad to get your website or landing page, the better your click rate % will be, which means the better your quality score will be.

So, here is the summary.  If your quality score is high because you have a better ad to get the customer to click on then you may not have to spend as much money to buy a click as the next guy…

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