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How to get a customer review from your client?

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When you have completed the work at your customer’s home or business the most important thing your company can do is ensure you receive a review BEFORE you leave!

The best time to ask for a review is immediately after the final walk through and BEFORE you process their final payment. We recommend that you provide the final bill FIRST and then when they have reviewed your bill or processed in their mind the amount they are going to pay, ask for the review before taking the payment, then take the payment.

Follow these steps before leaving the house.

  1. Have the customer take our their mobile phone and type in your website address – example – webstersqualitypainting.com
  2. Click on the Review Us Button that is on your website (if a button is not there, contact us)
  3. then click “G” for a Google review OR the “F” for a Facebook review OR “Y” for Yelp
  4. Proceed to encourage them to give 5 Stars and write a quick review BEFORE leaving the house.

*We recommend the Google Review platform first IF they are signed into an account already on their phone. Android cell phone users have to be signed in to their phone, while Apple Users do not have to, but most likely are.

**If the Google review does not work because they are not signed in, it will force them to create an account OR sign in. This will most likely be a frustrating point so the Facebook and the Yelp are provided as other options.

***The same goes with Facebook, IF they use Facebook often and they are signed in on their phone, it will take them directly to Facebook, IF NOT, then direct them to Yelp. Yelp does not require an account to leave a review.

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