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Importance of keywords for your website

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I want to quickly write to you about a subject called the Golden Rules of Keywords.  It’s a common subject taught, but rarely understood.  Very simply put, this is important so you can drive the right traffic to your website with ultimately the goal of turning your traffic into leads and then into customers after you have provided them a bid.  I tell people all the time that if there is no traffic on the highway your billboard will never be seen.  So with this in mind I will give you the Golden Rules of how keyword research works.
There are 4 rules:

Keyword Research:
What is a Market
A community of people that share common interests or themes.  This group of people often have their own language which is slang, acronyms and terms.
For an example 
1.  there is a market of people that are “homeowners looking for flooring”
2.  their area of interest is the flooring within their home
3.  their language includes things such as floors, flooring, need new floors, carpet, etc.
Within this market is a Niche
1.  A niche will include members of the “homeowner looking for flooring” looking for a wide variety of topics related to flooring.
2.  This niche will include topics related to carpet, marble flooring, tile flooring, wood flooring, etc.
Each one of these different type of niches will be of specific interest to the “homeowner looking for flooring” market
a community with its own interal language

Keywords are what is typed into a search engine to explore a niche
“It takes the same amount of time to build an UNSUCCESSFUL business as it takes to build a SUCCESSFUL business.”
The main reason people fail is they do not do the online market research upfront.  Instead they rush in, choose a random niche, random keywords, (or no keywords at all) and hope for the best.  This is usually a recipe for disaster.
The companies that succeed online take a different approach:
1. They research carefully
2.  Target specific keywords
3.  and follow a specific plan
When you first submit your website to Google  a “googlebot” or “spider” visits your website and looks at the following elements of your webpage:
1.  Content 
2.  analysis of links that point to your site
As your webpage develops more authority will be gained
It is better to be online and be ready when the leads are available.

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