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New Content on my site

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~~Interesting email was passed my way from a client and I thought it was interesting enough to share.  Below you will find the context of the email (specifics omitted of course)~~

Dear xxxxx,
I came across your website: xxxxxx and I was really impressed with its design and the information offered to your visitors.
I’d like to present you with an opportunity to add more valuable content to the “Kitchen Design/Decor” or “Home Decorating”  section of your website.
Our company, xxxxxxxxxx has created a variety of beautiful industry-specific PDF documents which include:
1. Kitchen Design Contents:

  • Kitchen Design Questionnaire – Kitchen Design Ideas
  • Kitchen Cooking Appliance Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Flooring Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Sinks and Faucets Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Countertops Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Cooling Appliances Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Area Washers and Dryers Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Area Outdoor Appliance Ideas and Planning
  • Kitchen Dishwasher Ideas and Planning

2. Home Decorating Contents: 

  • Home Decorating/Redecorating on a Budget
  • The All-in-One Guide to Decorating with color

3. Home Energy Savings/Efficiency Content: The All-in-One Guide to Decorating with Color
They are all completely FREE OF CHARGE and customized with your company logo.
The above mentioned content will serve to: 
• Provide additional information/resources for your website visitors.
• Increase the number of pages of your website. 
• Increase your visitors’ time on your website.
…These factors will help increase your website traffic and search engine rankings.
To see a sample of the content, please visit:
All of the files listed above will be customized with your company logo, so that the content will look like it has been produced by your company.
If you’d like this helpful and resourceful content on your website, customized with your company logo, all we ask for in exchange is a back link from your site to ours. (We can provide you with the details). It can be done very quickly.
Please feel free to e-mail me back for any questions regarding any of our offers above. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

And my response….

My concern would be a few things that you may want to address to xxxxx. One of the content articles as an example that they gave for you to review was the following:
Upon review this content is the same content listed on other sites like the one below (maybe numerous others sites)
It is my opinion that these articles are given to as many people as possible with the hopes in receiving a link back to their site to build their popularity and increase their Optimization efforts (which by the way there is nothing wrong with it) BUT I am not clear the impact and measured value this will bring to you. The content (proposed that is) on your site would definitely be “duplicate content” and although the value to them from an SEO point of view could be beneficial, your value would be to have content to share with a user (although content that is already out there AND content that Google feels that made it to their search index first.
In a nutshell here is how Google views this situation when it comes to content being submitted to their search engine. Google spends a ton of money every year in maintaining the content and information. The last thing they are interested in having is duplicate content that adds more cost to maintaining. Many do not understand the burden of duplicate information and how it is taxing to Google’s search index.
So with this being said my suggestion is NOT, to do it, but I would like to talk to this xxxxxx and get some more information that I may not be aware of in this email and then we can make the final decision.
Oh, last thing IF he is willing to provide a link directly to xxxxxxxx from THEIR page as well then it might be a different conversation. The value of a link within the same industry to you is a step towards a successful link building campaign.

Contact David Johnson – Contractor Website Services

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