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Picture Upload to Picasa Photo Gallery

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Instructions for picture upload are following:
1.  Visit picasaweb.google.com
2.  login with the following:
your password
3.  click on “My Photos” tab at top middle (this will show all photos)
4.  click “upload” at top middle of page
5.  Choose to add photos in “add to an existing album” or change the name to add new name
6.  Final step “select photos” (in middle of page) to add the photos.
How to Add Photos once your into Picasa

1.  Login to your Picasa Web Album – 
2.  Click on the appropriate Album to where the photo should go.  (If your not sure you can always move the picture later.)
3.  Click Add Photos
4.  Select where your photos are at on your computer and upload.  If you want to add multiple photos hold down the CTRL and click the photos to upload more than 1 photo at a time.
After your photos are uploaded
6.  Click on a photo
7.  Below the photo add a caption to describe the photo.  You must be descriptive and think what a user would search on the Internet to find this picture.  Use adjectives, the location in the format (i.e Los Angeles, CA)
8.  Next, on right side find the “Tags” and click the + to add words that descibe the photo.  Use words (not sentences) separated by commas.
9.  Next, on right side find the “Photo Location”, click add location and put the address or the city, state where this photo is located.
10.  Save 
Your done for now.

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