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The Importance of Keywords – MUST READ

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Whenever a contractor wants to build a new website or add content to an existing one it is so important to begin with keyword research. Too many people these days build a beautiful website and think they are on their way. If you build a website without the marketing strategy in places it will act like a turd on a log, IT WILL DO NOTHING. I will spell out why keywords are so important.

Whenever a contractor wants to build a new website or update content to an existing one, I would suggest to always start with research keyword .

Why should we do this? There are four main reasons:

  • Researching keyword will tell you exactly what people are looking for. What that means is you don’t have to wonder or guess, or waste your time putting together content that users aren’t looking for.
  • If you use the keywords users are looking for in their search then you take full advantage of the opportunity of getting the right type of traffic from the search engines.
  • Researching keywords will advise you which categories you should create on your website and “how important they are relative to each other.”
  • If you don’t research your keywords, your going to miss out on tons of business that could have been yours.
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