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The Value of Titles and Descriptions

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I apologize for talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo here, but this is a good post to refer to regarding the value of meta tags and title tags and is an excerpt to a customer question:

I spent about 6 hours today digging into the full meta tag set and other tags (like title tags – which is not technically a meta tag) and aligning with Google’s newest Rich Snippets and updated Markup Language suggestions (I will refer to as Google requirements) and have determined that the value of computer science is of the utmost importance here.  Many are not aware that by tugging on one element there is going to be some give in other elements and if we are not careful on how hard we tug or think about what we are tugging on, we may just tear the whole thing down.  This has been a huge concern as we are not only getting ranking on our pages, but we must be careful how we tweak and continue to do so carefully so our results improve and not digress.  In working on the meta tags I uncovered more than what xxx suggested and feel comfortable that we have covered alot regarding the meta tags and xxx’s requests (which have great merit by the way).  I anticipate the newer updates to be programmed within a few days as they have been reassigned.  I had the time to dig into all 7 pages that affect the landing pages, not just the couple xxx brought to our attention.  In going over the suggestions from xxx we have had to create 3 new SuperTags to handle the descriptions and titles correctly.  Unfortunately there is not an existing company to try to emulate so we have created new code that I believe will work.  

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