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Website Hosting Price Comparison

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A few different contractors have approached me over the past year regarding the cost of website hosting for their business website.  I have heard it a few times now from our contractors and they ask, “why is your website hosting price different then my other host or others I have seen on the Internet?”  I thought I would give you the facts about what is included in website hosting.

  • Unlimited* disk space which covers the size of your website within reason.
  • Unlimited* traffic which covers how much traffic your website receives (within reason).
  • Unlimited* email boxes and managing of these boxes (within reason)
  • A maximum of 3 hours a month (24 hours year) of website changes with a live person.  You essentially have a developer on staff to assist with changes to your website at any time.  (This does not include the building of new pages.)
  • A maximum of 3 hours a month of Internet Marketing Consultation with a live person.  This includes consulting on Search Engine Optimization for contractors, Landing Page Development for Contractors, Google Local Places Development, Link Building Services, Customized Keyword Research, Social Media Integration (facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, etc), Social Bookmark Marketing, Blog Development, and much more.
Yearly total is $399.00
*Management has the right to limit the abuse of any line items that are abused.
See what others are charging for add-ons alone below.  See the screenshot below from Supermedia.com (A superpages.com website)
$399.00 vs $1574.00 
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