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Who is Google and what is this Local Places Product?

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You see the Internet is made up many search engines that go out and find information for you to view.  Google is one of those search engines and they do a good job locating information billions of times each day for people like you and I.  And when this information is found it is generally displayed to us like a grocery store displays products on their shelves.  Let’s for one second imagine we are shopping for our 4th of July picnic.  We head to the aisle where the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are located.
Google acts the same way as a grocery store where you can locate 3 products for that picnic.  Each product is different, but ultimately is part of the picnic.  Google’s grocery shelves look like this.  Each of these products is different, but ultimately is part of the picnic.

We will quicky introduce the Local Maps Listing product and the importance of making sure your listing exists.  Building a local listing in Google Places is just as important as knowing the address for the new home you just moved into.  I have never know anyone that just moved into their new house to not know what their address is, especially if they want all of their family to be able to visit them next Thanksgiving.  It’s an interesting analogy because it works the same way on Google (for those that don’t know, Google is a company that makes about $2.6 Billion dollars in revenue each month of their existence by helping people find what they want on the Internet.)  A local business needs to be stabalized and found on the Internet so Everyone can visit their company.  This is where Google’s local product comes in.  THIS IS 1 OF THE 3 PRODUCTS ON THE SHELF.  There is a great article put out by Website Magazine that details Google’s Local product and the 3 ways to optimize this listing. 

We will talk more about how this listing works a little later.

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