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Why Local Landing Pages for Contractors?

You are hereThis is a great article that sums up from a third person point of view the value of building landing pages for your business.  If you are not building landing pages for each city and each keyword you serve - YOU WILL STRUGGLE...
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Business Logo Design Samples for Contractors

The importance of branding your company with a logo design has never been as important as today. "Businesses must continue their brand and remind people of who they are and what they stand for."

Below you will find a few logo ideas that have been designed by the logo team.
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Google’s mouth dropping changes…

Google announced last week that it made its major change to its rules that determine who shows up in their search engine. As you may know ranking at the top of Google's search engines can be equivalent to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to one's business. With google providing customers...
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