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Designing – Website Design

We put a lot of time into website design or designing a website. We have learned over the years by watching millions of businesses build a website without putting thought into it. So when we think of "designing", we think of structure, architecture, beauty, conversion, ranking (in no particular order of course). The word designing has...
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Definition of the long tail keyword

Here is recent response to an email that focused on "long tail keywords"

Hope your having a great week.  I understand your thinking regarding the "long tail" keywords as it applies to SEO.  My experience has been there are many debates regarding the value of these "keyword strings" know as "long tail keywords."  Although each of...
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SEO Certified Servers – Your Server Certifcation Specialist

SEO Certified Server Includes

  • Uptime Monitoring
    Many hosting providers now guarantee to provide an uptime of 99.9% or higher. This is vitally important to SEO professionals because their site needs to be up and available each time a search engine spider crawls across their website. Our SEO Certified Servers are monitored to ensure that their availability is,...
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