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How Google Hummingbird Changed the Future of Search

In September of last year, when Google Hummingbird was officially announced, Matt Cutts said that it would affect 90% of all searches, albeit in a subtle way. Considering that Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches every day, this means Google Hummingbird affects more than 3.15 billion of them. Not exactly an inconsequential update. Read more

Google Guidelines for Being Accepted

So here is the question....What does Contractor Website Services do for my company and what is the goal?  Very simply, to help "Google find, crawl and rank your website". Afterall, it's the biggest market for services in the world.  I mean, if you wanted to set up shop for your company's services in a market with...
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Importance of keywords for your website

I want to quickly write to you about a subject called the Golden Rules of Keywords.  It's a common subject taught, but rarely understood.  Very simply put, this is important so you can drive the right traffic to your website with ultimately the goal of turning your traffic into leads and then into customers after...
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