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Category Archives: Website Architecture

The Value of Titles and Descriptions

I apologize for talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo here, but this is a good post to refer to regarding the value of meta tags and title tags and is an excerpt to a customer question:

I spent about 6 hours today digging into the full meta tag set and other tags (like title tags -...
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New Content on my site

~~Interesting email was passed my way from a client and I thought it was interesting enough to share.  Below you will find the context of the email (specifics omitted of course)~~ Dear xxxxx, I came across your website: xxxxxx and I was really impressed with its design and the information offered to your visitors. I'd like to present you with...
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How a Website Should Be Built – Architecture

Here is the best advice that I would suggest for proper web design and proper search engine optimization.

1.  Always think "architecture".  For example if you have a family of 10 and you live in a studio apartment the "architecture" is wrong (in most places :) ).  You need the appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms...
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Why Local Landing Pages for Contractors?

You are hereThis is a great article that sums up from a third person point of view the value of building landing pages for your business.  If you are not building landing pages for each city and each keyword you serve - YOU WILL STRUGGLE...
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