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How to choose colors for a website

[caption id="attachment_2463" align="alignright" width="367"]Contractor Website Services |  Color Picker Contractor Website Services | Color Picker[/caption] How to choose colors for a contractor website using a website color picker -So you want to pick colors for your contractor website and...
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Email might have been hacked! Ouch!

Boy we have heard this alot in our lifetime, "My email is not working!"  Well recently we have heard the following, "People are trying to send me emails and I don't get them."  Here are a few remedies.  1.  Check your Spam folder.  2.  Make sure they are using your correct email address and did...
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Designing – Website Design

We put a lot of time into website design or designing a website. We have learned over the years by watching millions of businesses build a website without putting thought into it. So when we think of "designing", we think of structure, architecture, beauty, conversion, ranking (in no particular order of course). The word designing has...
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