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Category Archives: Google Local

How Does Google Rank Local Results?

How do Google Local Listings/Map Listings Rank in Google? This is the subject of many that wonder how they get their business to show up in the first 7 spots in local results. Google does a great job telling us from their point of view how it works. Read more

Understanding Google+

Google+ has gained popularity over the years and I remember clearly how all the naysayers said that Google's offering was a waste of time and that no one would embrace it. There is a great article from Mike Blumethal explaining the differences between the Google+ pages and how the...
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What is Organic Search and how does this apply to my landing pages?

Imagine my disappointment when I learned organic search was simply the next new buzzword for the concept of pure, or crawler-based search. As some of our readers may find it challenging to keep up with all of the latest lingo, I thought I'd take a moment to at least explain the concept of organic search. Organic...
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