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How does Google rank websites

Well another day coming to a close and we will leave you with this tidbit, How does Google Rank Websites? Below is an awesome infographic that will give you a better visual (kind of simple) of what we tend to on a daily basis to make sure your website ranks in the Google Search Engine....
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How Google Hummingbird Changed the Future of Search

In September of last year, when Google Hummingbird was officially announced, Matt Cutts said that it would affect 90% of all searches, albeit in a subtle way. Considering that Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches every day, this means Google Hummingbird affects more than 3.15 billion of them. Not exactly an inconsequential update. Read more

Is SEO Dead?

I guess if Google is dead, than SEO would be dead, but we have just scratched the surface to the importance of why optimization is alive and well. The methods of old might be dead, but not true optimization. Read on to understand why...
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