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Why is finding a really good contractor so hard?

With so many contractors claiming to be the best the industry has to offer, how does someone truly find the exceptional contractor? As with anything in life, research is very important and can prevent some costly mistakes from happening. How many years has the contractor been in business? Is he able to offer solid reviews?...
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What to consider for a custom home build

The ultimate home is the one that you've created from scratch. Keep in mind, every single cost associated with having the home built, down to which shower heads to use in the bathrooms. It's too easy to forget smaller items which have costs that add up fast. Now that you've covered all costs, it's time to...
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How to Upload Photos to a Shared Google Album we Provide

Here we will show you how to upload pictures to a shared Google Photos album to assist you in building pictures for your website. How to Upload Photos to your Google Album Desktop 1. You will receive an email from your own business account that will say “Your Name” shared “will list the name of the album” with...
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How Important Is It To Have Social Media Linked To Your Website?

Social media is a marketing tool that will help enhance your brand. Social media will increase your search engine rankings, by driving traffic to your website, and will help boost your site's SEO.  Social media helps increase with relationship building. If you use Twitter or Facebook for example, you will interact with your customer base. It...
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