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Teach me wordpress – For Contractors Only

So many ask us this question, what are all of these different parts of wordpress?  I must admit even we can get confused.  The focus is on differentiating the difference between the following;  Wordpress post, wordpress categories, wordpress tags, wordpress services, wordpress pages, wordpress slugs, wordpress permalinks.  Sounds like credits rolling at the end of...
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How do I show up in Adwords?

Many people ask me everyday how do I get to the top of Google with Pay Per Click (PPC)?  If I bid the most amount of money for the placement of my ad won't I show up first on Google? Here is the formula that Google uses: Page Position on Google = maximum bid  x quality score So...
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What are the Big 6

There are 6 points of what you have to consider in order to be successful on the Internet:

1.  Generate Traffic
2.  Analyze your Traffic
3. ...
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