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How to nurture your website!!

Here is the way I look at things when it comes to handling your company and your marketing on the Internet, and it is so much like raising a child.  You have 3 choices.
1.  Raise the child and nurture it ALL BY YOURSELF.
2.  Hire a caretaker, daycare, nanny or maid to assist in raising it...
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How a Website Should Be Built – Architecture

Here is the best advice that I would suggest for proper web design and proper search engine optimization.
1.  Always think "architecture".  For example if you have a family of 10 and you live in a studio apartment the "architecture" is wrong (in most places :) ).  You need the appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms...
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Words of Wisdom

"We will teach how to fish with hopes that our education will create a loyal long term customer."...
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What is Google Engage?

Google just called and approved Contractor Website Services for one of Google's newest product offerings called Google Engage.  This is a program designed to receive ongoing education and training directly from Google on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for contractors and on how to educate and gain better placement for our clients within the Google network. ...
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