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Community Cloud Services Las Vegas, NV

Organizing your Digital Assets

The Contractor Website Services Community Cloud is a single destination for all of your valuable company assets which include photos, your customers, your service areas, details of your company, keywords, reviews and much more. The Community Cloud will allow you to connect all of your assets to one another and for the first time store everything in one place which will allow you to consistently generate new customers from the Internet.

Does it feel like the Internet does not work for you or could work better? The challenge is the Internet has millions of places that do NOT have the pieces which tell your story OR if they know your story it’s not correct or is incomplete. What few know is your ranking is 100% tied to whether Google (or the others) trust your story. If they don’t trust you, they will not rank you.
If we get all of your pieces organized and tied together, we can build a trusting and consistent story, which is called Internet marketing.

The Cloud has long become the standard for all businesses. Digital assets are the backbone of a company’s identity and the collection of these organized assets creates a valuable monetary asset. In today’s world of customers finding you and connecting with you on the Internet, it has never been more important to organize and store these assets.

Cloud Package Options

*Licenses include AWS Amazon S3 storage services and Salesforce Lightning Sales/Services Cloud and Custom Objects and Salesforce Community

**Storage is located at AWS Amazon S3 storage servers

***Additional Assets include data storage, and file storage of other digital assets such as videos, documents, reports, customer reviews, logos, certifications, awards, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take me, because I have ZERO interest in adding to my workload?

You are already wasting more time trying to do these things without you realizing it. We will eliminate this time you’re wasting AND we will assist in handling the things needed. WE NEED YOU DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST, WHILE WE DO WHAT WE DO BEST!

I hear people talk about the Cloud, what does that mean?

The Cloud is essentially the Internet. It’s a central place where one can access all of the things that relate to a computer. It’s an on-demand availability of these resources (storage, processing power, computer programs, etc.) stored on Internet servers instead of your computer’s hard drive.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are those items that a business has created in a computer format or digital format. Popular formats include photos (popular file extensions include .jpg .gif .png), videos, reviews from your customers, your client database with thousands of data points (information that relates to the client like phone number, addresses, job details, etc.), areas you service (down to the neighborhood level), detailed answers to hundreds of questions that were created in order to summarize the details of your company for use in hundreds of marketing applications, thousands of keywords that relate to your business and show what is being searched from different geographic areas, written content such as blogs, articles, case studies, human interest stories, press releases, offers to induce your client to buy and much more. This is all used in offline and online marketing.

Digital Assets are essentially the seeds that grow the farm.

Why is it important to store these assets?

  1. Every business that started years ago never realized the value of these digital assets so, over the years, these items have never been organized, tagged, and filtered so they could be used to attract the right type of customer in hundreds of different marketing channels.
  2. The value of these assets alone will allow you to have something of value to sell when you are ready to retire and the new young owner will not have the history and organization to compete in today’s world and will look to someone like you to provide value to their new company. Think about a restaurant owner who sells their business to a new owner, if the recipes, customers, history, etc. are all in place, the new owner will buy this for a good sum.
  3. Storing these assets and organizing them will build a solid history for obtaining new clients to provide a solid stream of income in today’s climate.

What is the value of my digital assets and how would I make money?

Obviously, it depends on the history you create and the number of assets. Clients that have thousands of pictures vs clients that have 5 pictures will provide a completely different value. We have seen companies that have sold for $2.7 million (not typical results) and clients that have made $500.00. We like to use a rule of thumb of $500,000-$1,000,000 IF effort to gather these assets over time is made.

I don’t understand how I would get paid $500,000 for my digital assets?

You have spent years and years building history and when a new owner decides to open his/her business, they have two options, build on history or start new. Think of a restaurant that has history, recipes, it has customers, it has a reputation, and it has trust. A new restaurant has to reprove that all over again. Why, if they can take over the history of a business that works, that’s where you come in. You have painfully built something that someone can plug right into and they can plug into something that has history, your history. If you think they won’t get a loan to pay you, carry the $500,000 for 10 years, let them pay you $4200.00/month. They are going to spend twice that amount marketing or spend years and years trying to figure out this Internet thing.

How do I use my digital assets?

Your digital assets will be used in many ways.

  1. The BIGGEST BENEFIT, you will have the same information and remain consistent. The biggest problem on the Internet is having company information that is wrong or inconsistent. THIS IS THE #1 FACTOR WHY YOU WILL NOT RANK IN THE SEARCH ENGINES. Google will not trust you if your information is wrong. Too many companies report simple things, like their hours, to different websites, and because this is not consistent Google will not want to put their name on this data.
  2. Organizing your business to stabilize your existing revenue by being able to show the clients that you are bidding on jobs the things that will convince them to choose you. It will be an existing sales tool, a customer service tool to show the history of your company.
  3. You will be able to use your existing photos and sort those photos by color, manufacturer, customer name, location, materials used, vendors used, suppliers used, keywords, and hundreds of other options.
  4. You will be able to finally have full control of your customers using the world’s leading CRM software, Salesforce. CWS and Salesforce have already spent years building this tool for all types of contractors and builders that organize an unlimited number of elements so you will know more about your customer than you ever have. (we handle this for you)
  5. For the first time, you will find everything in the same place so Online Marketing will be a breeze.
  6. This will build your reputation score, as measured by the industry’s top tools, which is vital today.

What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

The free version is designed to give you access if you do not have many assets, while the paid version is designed to provide everything unlimited. Also the free version will NOT give you access to all of the CRM functions of Salesforce

I already pay a monthly cost, why do I have to pay more?

You certainly do not have to. Contractor Website Services has an SEO Subscription service that clients can participate in that is a full buffet of Online Marketing services, ranging from ALL SEO services to ensuring your website ranks, social media management, content development, link building, and much more, designed to handle ALL of your marketing needs. Currently, there are thousands of marketing services that are provided in this full buffet, while THIS service is designed to store and organize these pieces. With these organized pieces, your online marketing becomes enhanced beyond belief because the right pieces will always be used.

What benefits does the Community Cloud offer above Google Drive for instance?

The Community Cloud is an organized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that differs from traditional cloud storage. Traditional cloud storage, such as Google Drive will allow you to save and store pictures, videos, documents, etc., but is not designed to organize the details that go along with what you are storing. The final level of success of any marketing is in the details of what you have stored. If you do not know who, what, where, when or why, then the final level of marketing results will be lukewarm at best.

Think of it this way. You bought a 50,000 piece puzzle at the store and you are looking forward to putting it together because with this puzzle, there are hundreds of different pictures it can make, depending on how you put the puzzle together. You open the box, dump the puzzle on a huge table and as you try to sort out how to put it together, you have no idea where to start because the pieces are tiny and there are no instructions on what goes where. Now, imagine if each puzzle piece, imprinted on the back, let you automatically choose the detailed instructions you needed to understand where that piece goes. Once you see these instructions/options, your picture starts to become in focus. You need these instructions to have a better understanding on how to create the final result.

Currently, you have a lot of small puzzle pieces (photos, videos, short descriptions, long descriptions, geographic locations, reviews, titles, etc.) that not only need to be stored, but organized. These pieces can now have these instructions (neighborhood, zip code, city, county, state…millions of keywords…colors…manufacturers…sizes…shapes, etc.) imprinted on the back of each piece. Each of these pieces can now be used in marketing to attract even more new customers or service existing customers. Remember, each puzzle piece is part of a bigger puzzle piece.

The details of a photo for example have hundreds of data points and attributes of that photo that are used to distribute that photo to hundreds of the right marketing channels. The information from these data points are used to attract, build confidence, convert and persuade more customers. Combine this with other pieces like written content, keywords or descriptions, you can now build an even stronger social media campaign, better blogs with better information and much more.

How can I ensure my photos are mine?

There are quite a few software options like TinEye that will scour the Internet to find a particular image and determine the original owner of this photo. This will give a “stamp” so to speak to the date this was published. This will provide you a “publication” of sorts. Some suggest registering your photos with the Copyright office, but a court will likely define publishing your photo to the Internet as a “publication”. These photos of yours have tremendous value when used by the right person.

Why would my photos be valuable?

There are quite a few reasons why your photos would be valuable.

  1. Your pictures will show up in Places like Google Image search. Google Image search is 2nd to Google Search in the number of searches done online. Google Search is used 59.3% of the time and Google Images is used 26.79% of the time.

$3500/yr. ($292.00/mo)