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Answer for What is the process to transfer a website domain away?


The traditional domain name transfer process from most people’s points of view is traditionally straight forward. This is true for us as well, BUT the process of migrating the related information FROM our servers can be taxing and difficult, sometimes taking up to 10 hours so all information related to your domain name will be handled. We will assess the transfer on a one on one basis and advise ahead of time if there will be an allotment of time dedicated to your individual domain.
Once we complete the conversation with your current registrar and initiate the transfer you will receive an email to your email account (sometimes we may receive this email) that will contain an authorization code.  This code will be numbers, letters and/or symbols. This code will be used to communicate with your current registrar to initiate the transfer. Within 5 days  (we have to wait for the registrar to make this update) all should be transferred to our registrar.  We will then point the domain name to OUR servers to show the new website on our server and all of the pages we have built. The new website will then show and Google will start picking up the pages. All costs associated with this should be discussed with a representative of the company.