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Getting Online Can Dramatically Increase Sales

Bring New Revenue Streams To Your Business

Building your online presence properly can bring you new customers
at lower costs, which increases your profit margins.

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Why Get Online?

Because you have to ! It’s 2015 people and the masses have found this hidden gem called, the INTERNET. It’s a giant EXTRAVAGANZA ! I know, you’re not a computer genius and you don’t have the time and if you did, your probably not sure how it all works anyway ! We’ll help you overcome the “learning curve” so you’ll understand what the heck is going on.

I Don’t Need To !

I know… You’re tired, you spent too much money will all of these Internet Yo-yos, It doesn’t work and no one can find your website anyway. And did I hear you mention it cost YOU a lot of money.  I agree you don’t “NEED” to get online, but you HAVE to get online. Remember 2008, 2009, 2010…and should I keep going. Don’t put all of your eggs in the repeat and referral basket AGAIN. Online is a huge place.

I Have Work !

We’ve watched it everyday for the past 20 years. – Feast or Famine – New blood is the lifeblood of your company and I know your busy now, but don’t forget how the past can be rough on you. Putting yourself online, does not mean you have to hire more people, or expand, or work 80 hours a week. It just means you create “Choices”. Options that protect you when you DON”T have work.

Build Your Own Farm and Harvest Exclusive Clients


For years you have heard the “dog and pony show” telling you to buy advertising or to buy leads. For one low monthly price all of your marketing dreams would come true. Part of what you don’t realize is, the money that you are putting in to these “advertising” companies and “leads” companies is concentrated on putting you on a list with your competition. For example click here and see how this advertiser sells you advertising, only to be on a list with many more. Or this company that sells you leads, sells the lead to your competition. Now I am not saying they are bad companies in any way, but I hope you realize YOU ARE BUYING YOUR CUSTOMERS RETAIL. What I mean by that is, your shopping the grocery store and paying top dollar for a piece of fruit that everyone has handled. The problem:

  • it’s expensive,
  • it’s not exclusive,
  • your margins are terrible,
  • you get leads that want it for the cheapest price and don’t care about your quality
  • your clients hire you, you don’t hire your client
  • and when you stop paying the bill anything that turned out half good, ALL goes away.

So what do you do to combat this problem?

  • First, stop buying your fruit (your leads and advertising) retail.
  • Second, build your own farm AND plant and harvest.

Now, I am not suggesting to quit cold turkey and I am not advocating that those other companies do not work at all. I am simply bringing you back to basics that you MUST have your own farm. Plant your own trees and harvest your own fruits.

  • it’s NOT expensive,
  • The customers ARE exclusive,
  • your margins are PROFITABLE,
  • you get CUSTOMERS that care about your quality because your website filtered the shoppers out.
  • YOU hire your clients. You decide if it’s a project you want to do.
  • There is NO bill.  In fact you now are building equity for the future so maybe one day you have a website to sell or a website to pass down (we’ll talk more about that later)

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