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How to Show up on Page 1 of Google and the Other Search Engines.

The Highest Ranking Pages on the Internet are the most relevant to what is being searched by the user. 

With this thought in mind, it is important to make sure that all of your pages on the Internet are written and programmed so they relate to exactly what is being searched for.  If you are a contractor that finishes basements it is important to make sure that your web page talks about “basement finishing” and does not confuse the Internet by talking about “kitchen remodeling.”  We see many contractors that handle all types of work, but it is IMPORTANT to understand that your website cannot talk about these 2 different subjects if you want to effectively rank for one key term or the other.  We cannot have the best of both worlds on one page.  You must split this up and build the appropriate content for both of those search terms.

Your rank is determined by its match to the keyword that is selected.