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Google Drops Company for Trying to Cheat

The way that major websites like Overstock have programmed their websites have not only been questioned, but Google has outright penalized this company for not following protocol. It's listings have been dropped considerably and with these moves Google is demonstrating that if you try to boost your listings the wrong way, you will be penalized....
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Branding your Company with Logos.

Many have asked us to show off some logo designs that were created for our contractors.  Here a few sample of some of our work:

Custom logos will create the consistent branding experience to future customers.  Many people do not take logos serious and feel that it might...
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Fencing company reaches top 8 results on Google is in the news again with its placement in Google.  The fencing company in Florida is indeed showing up on Google under quite a few terms and quite a few cities and there are no tricks.  Relevant webpages that relate to exactly what they do.

You will notice by searching "fencing" in aloma fl not...
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How do I show up in Adwords?

Many people ask me everyday how do I get to the top of Google with Pay Per Click (PPC)?  If I bid the most amount of money for the placement of my ad won't I show up first on Google? Here is the formula that Google uses: Page Position on Google = maximum bid  x quality score So...
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