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The Importance of Keywords – MUST READ

Whenever a contractor wants to build a new website or add content to an existing one it is so important to begin with keyword research. Too many people these days build a beautiful website and think they are on their way. If you build a website without the marketing strategy in places it will act...
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What is website optimization?

Often Contractors ask the question, what is website optimization? Below you will find a video that will give you a basic understanding to the beginning and the importance of website optimization. (Yeah we know it is not a contractor website, but you'll get the point.) Enjoy!!

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Submitting Your Listing Can Save You Thousands of Dollars.

If a local business submits a properly optimized Local Business Listing to the right local directories on the Internet their business can generate up to 2,000 unique and local visitors per month. By attracting 24,000 unique visitors a year a business can save about $24,000 in PPC (Pay Per Click Costs) a year. (On a...
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