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What happens when a contractor gets too old?

When we think of our businesses we think about how hard we can work today to provide a good service for our customers and an opportunity to provide for our families, BUT the majority of businesses do not think about the future. If we are going to work hard at our service based business, today...
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Does Google+ Profile Help Ranking?

The Google+ Profile has become a mainstay for a big audience (maybe not as big as maybe Facebook!) But you will find the value of your Google+ profile to be more valuable than one may have thought. We preach about the value of the "Google Vertebrae", and the Profile is a big part of it....
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How does Google rank websites

Well another day coming to a close and we will leave you with this tidbit, How does Google Rank Websites? Below is an awesome infographic that will give you a better visual (kind of simple) of what we tend to on a daily basis to make sure your website ranks in the Google Search Engine....
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