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Internet Marketing Investments


Where do companies throughout the US spend their online marketing dollars? Below is a great infographic from Linkbird showing where money is typically allocated. It will probably open your eyes to the underbelly of the Internet Marketing world. The state of SEO agencies in 2014


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  1. Very informative graphs, relevancy and breakdown of what and why customers hire outside agencies to do thier SEO for them. I think this will help me answer questions that my clients have more effectively by screen sharing this document or by giving them the link to it. I’m sure that if you asked a customer to have us work for them and they need a reason to that this will be very helpful and informative while you have them on the phone. Let’s face it, the more information we can deliver to our customers in “real time” analytics the more we are able to build trust with that customer. All in all it’s another great tool to use in showing new and old customers where they should be spending their advertising and marketing dollars.