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How Important Is It To Have Social Media Linked To Your Website?

Social media is a marketing tool that will help enhance your brand. Social media will increase your search engine rankings, by driving traffic to your website, and will help boost your site's SEO.  Social media helps increase with relationship building. If you use Twitter or Facebook for example, you will interact with your customer base. It...
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Is it really High Tech?

seo-wordpress It seems every advertisement, website, and technology company, feels comfortable marketing themselves as high tech, but are they really on the cutting edge and capable of forward thinking that allows them to always be a few steps ahead?

Knowing that investing into the future...

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Educating a client on landing pages:

Educating a client on landing pages: mel1 What is the objective of a landing page?   The objective of a landing page is to attract people to your website by ranking on the Google search engine. Landing pages will empower you to market to individuals searching for the...
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The .com is 30 years old this month. is 30 years old this month. Can you believe that over 30 years ago the first .com was introduced to us. The future of domains continues to grow and before you know it thirty more years will have gone by, but for now we celebrate and embrace the 30 years of .com names being in...
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