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Why do I need a new website?

QuestionsCategory: WebsitesWhy do I need a new website?
David Johnson Staff asked 7 years ago
Why do I need a new website?
David Johnson Staff replied 7 years ago

As you know, the website some people use can be rather old and does not have the infrastructure to consistently add content like Google demands today. The Internet has gone through a transition for websites to be converted from a simplistic static (non-changing) style to a modern Dynamic style. The Dynamic style allows the owner of the website to deliver content that not only is useful, but up to date. Users using the web demand information, style, news and content that is not only compelling and interesting, but is relevant to what they are looking for. Over the years there has been a shift in technology to accommodate this demand, websites that are dynamic.
We suggest converting existing site to a WordPress style website which allow for a new look, responsive style (allows for the website to be properly viewed on all mobile devices), and most importantly set up so new content and consistently be injected into the site providing a better experience for the end user. This experience will bring more users, a better conversion rate of existing traffic, a more qualified customer, and a better looking website.