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You Have Questions

With all things unfamiliar, it’s natural to have questions.  And you should!  With so many people sharing misinformation regarding online marketing, it’s important to know what really matters.

We Provide Answers

We believe in providing answers to your questions to help you better understand what you can do to improve your online presence & performance.  With answers you can move forward and progress.

We Provide Solutions

Once your questions have been answered, we can work together to deliver solutions that will help your business grow online, expand your reach and help you connect with your future customers.

Why Should A Contractor Put Their Business Online?

get-your-business-online-with-googleWe have been hearing for the past 17 years, “Why should I put my business online? All of my business is repeat and referral business, I don’t need to be online…..” We agree with you, you do not NEED to do anything. It’s worked for you for years so why now?

But you should WANT to do it! We all know that the repeat and referral business is great, but “new blood is the lifeblood to any business.”

Look, we understand how busy you are. The last thing you want to mess with is a website. The whole Internet thing is confusing, you don’t have time, you don’t need it, you don’t understand it, everything is working out just fine. We get it! But remember that is the reason we exist. We have solved the needs of tens of thousands of contractors because of, the Need. It makes money and it makes sense.

That is the reason we make it easy, we make it simple and we do all the work for you. Keep bringing in your repeat business and referral business, keep doing what works, but don’t forget Contractor Website Services will make it easy and affordable for you to add the customers you want!


5 Reasons To Get Your Business Online As Soon As You Finish Reading This Page

  1. There are over 150 billion searches a month, Every day someone is searching a word that relates to your business, costing you $$tens of thousands of dollars in profit$$
  2. Your competition is already answering the calls from YOUR customers.
  3. Remember, you are a service based business and you need to build an asset that you can sell one day, namely your website!
  4. Start choosing your clients. Refine who you work with to increase your profits!
  5. Allows you to focus on getting the job done and someone to concentrate on keeping the customers coming.


Why Contractor Website Services?

  • We have the experience and we Care.
  • We understand the Contractor and what they are trying to accomplish – Get Calls, Get Leads, Expose your brand. Very Simple!
  • We have served over 3.8 million contractors in 5 different countries, 2 different languages and all 50 states in the US.
  • We understand the Construction Industry and all 16 divisions of construction. We come from the construction industry, understand the contractor’s thinking, understand the problems you face and how to provide those solutions. We are not a jack of all trades and only work with the building and construction industry.
  • We understand Internet Marketing, algorithms, computer science and what makes a website and Internet marketing work for Contractors of your size.
  • We understand your customer – Whether it be the Homeowner, the General Contractor, the Architect, the Homeowner’s Association, the Manufacturer, the Municipality, the Interior Designer, the Subcontractor, etc… We got them all covered.  We have worked with over 50 million of these types of customers (many still our client base).
  • Our customer success stories speak for themselves
  • Community efforts include working with over 500 trade associations, plan rooms across the country, volunteering services for at risk youth, Boy Scouts of American development, Christ Centered Philanthropy Services, Youth team building services with all major sports and dedication to the handicapped community.
  • We are an honest company that cares about making your life better.


Construction + Internet Knowledge=Success for your business


What Is Search Engine Architecture (SEA)?

Search engine architecture is a standard that allows your website to be found on the Internet. So many companies preach SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although we agree and fully understand the principals of SEO, we also believe that you should have a solid architecture before you optimize anything. You probably would not build a house until your architectural plans were completed right? The same goes for your website, simple architecture for the search engines will save you a lifetime of grief. We believe in building and providing a search architecture that is stable and acceptable to the search engines.

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