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SEO Flagship Pages Las Vegas, NV

Contractor SEO Services

Website SEO – Home page SEO – Supporting Pages SEO

  1. Optimization for Keyword, City and Phone number
  2. Develop the flagship keywords and city if it has not been determined yet
  3. Create knowledge graph for all search engines. Knowledge graph includes logo, description
  4. Determine the proper “focus keyword”
  5. Create a quality SEO friendly and converting Page Title
  6. Determine and make sure page title is the appropriate length in characters
  7. Make sure page title has the appropriate placement of keywords in the title
  8. Create a quality SEO friendly and converting Description.
  9. Is the description competitive to others when it comes to the development of the meta tag.
  10. Create content – recommended content amount is at least 300 words (limited content creation)*
  11. Understand if images are needed and adding when important
  12. Use of keywords in Subheadings like H1-H6 Tags
  13. Confirm the keyword density to make sure keywords are not overused or underused
  14. Make sure that the proper amount of words are used in the body copy
  15. Confirm and add outbound links. We will research up to 5 outbound links for relevance.
  16. Determine if the keyword can be used or added with the URL
  17. Check the copy on the page to make sure it passes the “copy score”. This will avoid plagiarism.
  18. Make sure keywords appear in the right place in the paragraphs of the copy
  19. We will check your listing against your competition and determine how to address each of your pages.

*We provide general content changes however detailed content must be provided.