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How Important Is It To Have Social Media Linked To Your Website?

Social media is a marketing tool that will help enhance your brand. Social media will increase your search engine rankings, by driving traffic to your website, and will help boost your site’s SEO.  Social media helps increase with relationship building. If you use Twitter
or Facebook for example, you will interact with your customer base. It allows you to see what they are posting about the work that you did for them. It’s like “word of mouth” through social media. This can help in adjusting your marketing strategy.

It’s known that companies that have social media have more loyal customers as they are interacting with one another through social media. It is also known that if you are
using social media, it will help your sales increase. Approximately 70% of business to consumer marketing has received customers through social media. If your competition is using social media, it’s definitely important for you to be doing the same.