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Monthly Search Engine Optimization Services Las Vegas, NV

SEO Monthly Services

Below is a quick list of things we work on. This does NOT include close to everything. Our Services are viewed as a full buffet of SEO Services. The items NOT included are Paid Ads Management, Ongoing Bulk Content Development (there is some content development included), and Response to Lead Services

Pre Launch Tasks

  • Get Business Details including Target Location. Hours need to work, Competitors and more
  • Get Access to GTM, GA, GSC, Website Admin, FTP
  • Check Initial Ranking and Traffic before start of work
  • Ask Client What is his expectation in terms of Traffic and Conversions

Technical Audit Tasks

  • Run SEM Rush / Screaming Frog Tool on website and provide report.
  • Run Google Page Speed tool, and Pingdom tool and provide screenshots.
  • Integrate Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster and provide their error reports.
  • Run Google Schema Checker and provide Screenshot.
  • Google Search Console Canonical Issue
  • Compare Domain authority with competitors of main domain and provide report.
  • Compare Social Presence with Competitors and provide Report.
  • Compare Referring Domains With Competitors and provide Report.
  • Check if Mobile is 100% Responsive or any error given by Google Tool

Tracking and Analytics

  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Google Tag Manager Set Up
  • Google Search Console Set Up
  • Bing Webmaster Set Up

Keywords Analysis

  • Keywords Analysis for Relevant Terms Client Want to be Appear
  • LSI Keywords Research to maintain keyword density after finalizing the keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords Research for Blogging
  • Competitors Keywords Targeting Details

On Page Optimization Tasks

  • Page Titles and Metas Optimization of All Pages
  • Headings and Body Content Optimization of All Pages
  • Create Internal Links to those pages which client want to rank
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt Optimization
  • Structure Snippet Implementation on All Main Pages
  • Copy cape Review on All Pages
  • Internal Duplicate Content Review
  • Review URLs – (Underscore, User-friendliness, Length of URLs)
  • Images Optimization ( Alt Tags, Names, Size)
  • Review if CTAS are visible in mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Crawl Errors Management
  • Index Errors Management

Google Local Optimization

  • Gaps in Google Local Business Page & Google Map
  • Google Business Page Verification
  • Google maps Listing Verification
  • Duplicate Listing of Google Maps or Google Business Page
  • Category Selection in Google Business Page and Google Maps
  • Images Uploaded in Google Maps and Google Business Page
  • Response to Comments or Reviews By Client
  • Google Map is integrated on website
  • Website have NAP Details
  • Address, Hours of Google Maps / Business Page must match with Website
  • Local Schema Mark Up must be available on website
  • Location of Business ( Center of the City or in Outer Area of the City)
  • Create Nearby City Pages ( if Outer in Area)
  • Minimum Number of Reviews Required in First Page
  • Average Rating Required in First Page
  • Google Business Page Description must be optimized

Off Page Optimization Tasks

  • Free Backlinks Listings
  • Guest Posts Outreach
  • Broken Links Outreach
  • Influencer Listing Outreach
  • PR Funneling
  • Emails Templates Using for Client
  • Disallow Toxic Backlinks
  • Top Competitors Backlinks Details
  • Lost Backlinks Recovery
  • Anchor Tags Cloud Management
  • Reputation Management Tasks
  • Trigger Brand Names on Search and Check Negative Mentions
  • Review Google Maps / Business Page Reviews
  • Review Top Business Listing Websites like Yelp. HomeAdvisor where client listing available
  • Inform the client on Negative Mentions / Review
  • Start Work on Removing Negative Mentions If Client Agree

Other Important Tasks

  • Available on Top Ranked Business listing websites on client niche
  • Optimize YouTube Videos
  • Optimize Pinterest Profile and Pins
  • Refer Client on Quora and Google Q&A
  • Use Google Web Stories to promote client locally
  • Check if We can post clients services or offers on Local Deals websites
  • Review Conversion Rate and User Duration of clients
  • Review Search Console Queries and add keywords to target which have potential
  • Explore More Activities For Customer by reviewing Top Positions

If Expected Results Achieved

  • Discover More Keywords
  • Get More Content Pages on Website
  • List the terms We are close to first page and focus on those
  • List Page Authority of Each page, and adjust term on High Page Authority
  • If our terms are on sub page , check referring domain and Trust Score
  • required to achieve results on Sub Page
  • Re adjust internal links and make sure we get more internal links on the page we want to rank
  • Ask Client to raise Off Page Activities
  • Review Referral Sources that bring results and be present on those website
  • Compare Brand Mentions with Competitors and its searches and show to client
  • Run Brand Awareness Campaigns

If Expected Results Don’t Achieve

  • Review Competitors Monthly Activities and Report
  • Compare With Ours Activities and Show Comparison Report
  • Ask Client What actions need to take to achieve the Top Level Positions
  • Review Competitors Website Size, Content Size on Top Pages, Social
  • Following Size, DA, and PA of TOP Pages and compare
  • Execute Work on that
  • Check if there is any Google Update
  • Check Index URLs status if the our indexed pages are properly indexed
  • Check Average Position

Content Development- Creative Assets

  • Email Credentials
  • Images / Infographics
  • Content Descriptions
  • Business Details
  • Content Articles – 1 article each month created
  • Logo / Profile / Cover Image
  • Blog Writing –  1 Blog each month created

Reports Management

  • Rankings History
  • Search Impressions and Clicks History
  • Other Traffic Sources History
  • Monthly Tasks Summary