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Monthly SEO Services (non inclusive)

SEO Monthly Services

Below is a quick list of things we work on. This does NOT include close to everything.

Pre Launch Tasks

  • Get Business Details including Target Location. Hours need to work, Competitors and more
  • Get Access to GTM, GA, GSC, Website Admin, FTP
  • Check Initial Ranking and Traffic before start of work
  • Ask Client What is his expectation in terms of Traffic and Conversions

Technical Audit Tasks

  • Run SEM Rush / Screaming Frog Tool on website and upload report here.
  • Run Google Page Speed tool, and Pingdom tool and upload screenshots here
  • Integrate Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster and upload their   error reports here.
  • Run Google Schema Checker and Upload Screenshot here
  • Google Search Console Canonical Issue
  • Compare Domain authority with competitors of main domain and upload report here.
  • Compare Social Presence with Competitors and Upload Report Here
  • Compare Referring Domains With Competitors and Upload Report Here
  • Check if Mobile is 100% Responsive or any error given by Google Tool

Tracking and Analytics

  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Google Tag Manager Set Up
  • Google Search Console Set Up
  • Bing Webmaster Set Up

Keywords Analysis

  • Keywords Analysis for Relevant Terms Client Want to be Appear
  • LSI Keywords Research to maintain keyword density after finalizing the keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords Research for Blogging
  • Competitors Keywords Targeting Details

On Page Optimization Tasks

  • Page Titles and Metas Optimization of All Pages
  • Headings and Body Content Optimization of All Pages
  • Create Internal Links to those pages which client want to rank
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt Optimization
  • Structure Snippet Implementation on All Main Pages
  • Copy cape Review on All Pages
  • Internal Duplicate Content Review
  • Review URLs – (Underscore, User-friendliness, Length of URLs)
  • Images Optimization ( Alt Tags, Names, Size)
  • Review if CTAS are visible in mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Crawl Errors Management
  • Index Errors Management

Google Local Optimization

  • Gaps in Google Local Business Page & Google Map
  • Google Business Page Verification
  • Google maps Listing Verification
  • Duplicate Listing of Google Maps or Google Business Page
  • Category Selection in Google Business Page and Google Maps
  • Images Uploaded in Google Maps and Google Business Page
  • Response to Comments or Reviews By Client
  • Google Map is integrated on website
  • Website have NAP Details
  • Address, Hours of Google Maps / Business Page must match with Website
  • Local Schema Mark Up must be available on website
  • Location of Business ( Center of the City or in Outer Area of the City)
  • Create Nearby City Pages ( if Outer in Area)
  • Minimum Number of Reviews Required in First Page
  • Average Rating Required in First Page
  • Google Business Page Description must be optimized

Off Page Optimization Tasks

  • Free Backlinks Listings
  • Guest Posts Outreach
  • Broken Links Outreach
  • Influencer Listing Outreach
  • PR Funneling
  • Emails Templates Using for Client
  • Disallow Toxic Backlinks
  • Top Competitors Backlinks Details
  • Lost Backlinks Recovery
  • Anchor Tags Cloud Management
  • Reputation Management Tasks
  • Trigger Brand Names on Search and Check Negative Mentions
  • Review Google Maps / Business Page Reviews
  • Review Top Business Listing Websites like Yelp. HomeAdvisor where client listing available
  • Inform the client on Negative Mentions / Review
  • Start Work on Removing Negative Mentions If Client Agree

Other Important Tasks

  • Available on Top Ranked Business listing websites on client niche
  • Optimize YouTube Videos
  • Optimize Pinterest Profile and Pins
  • Refer Client on Quora and Google Q&A
  • Use Google Web Stories to promote client locally
  • Check if We can post clients services or offers on Local Deals websites
  • Review Conversion Rate and User Duration of clients
  • Review Search Console Queries and add keywords to target which have potential
  • Explore More Activities For Customer by reviewing Top Positions

Case: If Expected Results Achieved

  • Discover More Keywords
  • Get More Content Pages on Website
  • List the terms We are close to first page and focus on those
  • List Page Authority of Each page, and adjust term on High Page Authority
  • If our terms are on sub page , check referring domain and Trust Score
  • required to achieve results on Sub Page
  • Re adjust internal links and make sure we get more internal links on the page we want to rank
  • Ask Client to raise Off Page Activities
  • Review Referral Sources that bring results and be present on those website
  • Compare Brand Mentions with Competitors and its searches and show to client
  • Run Brand Awareness Campaigns

Case: If Expected Results Don’t Achieve

  • Review Competitors Monthly Activities and Report
  • Compare With Ours Activities and Show Comparison Report
  • Ask Client What actions need to take to achieve the Top Level Positions
  • Review Competitors Website Size, Content Size on Top Pages, Social
  • Following Size, DA, and PA of TOP Pages and compare
  • Execute Work on that
  • Check if there is any Google Update
  • Check Index URLs status if the our indexed pages are properly indexed
  • Check Average Position

Creative Assets

  • Email Credentials
  • Images / Infographics
  • Content Descriptions
  • Business Details
  • Content Articles
  • Logo / Profile / Cover Image

Reports Management

  • Rankings History
  • Search Impressions and Clicks History
  • Other Traffic Sources History
  • Monthly Tasks Summary