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SEO Landing Page Perfection


The perfectly optimized SEO Landing page is the goal of every small business and every website developer. Below is a great infographic from CreativeMarket to guide you on what your Page should include. While this is not the “absolute”, this is a great overview on the general architecture.


larger version


  1. rj

    This page should be 1 of our LP’s…….

    We all have different GOD given talents, gifts…….
    …..if this schematic confuses you…….let us, our gift is we can decipher the tangled web….. while you do what you’re best at !!

    • I am a member of Mensa but when it comes to computer programming and the tedious technical work necessary, I honestly end up on the other end of the bell curve. The great thing about our team is that we are a symbiotic group where each member contributes his part.
      I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this………..where our purpose is teach our clients how to fish…..feeding themselves for a lifetime… opposed to giving them…..where……for a day.