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Google Local Now Accepts User Photos

Google has just announced that users of the popular search engine can now upload photos that relate to a business located on Google.  Up until recently only the business owner could upload and attach photos to their Google Local section.  This move shows Google is putting their foot forward in the "Social Network" space.  This...
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Why Google?

The biggest question I hear from contractors has to do with Google and their local listing section and how this relates to the rest of Google.  The question is whether this section is worth paying someone every month to manage their listing.  The other general thought process is whether or not you should keep paying...
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Who is Google and what is this Local Places Product?

You see the Internet is made up many search engines that go out and find information for you to view.  Google is one of those search engines and they do a good job locating information billions of times each day for people like you and I.  And when this information is found it is generally...
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