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The Title Tag of Your Web Page

A title tag on your webpages is an important consideration to remember as it will assist you in converting your customer.  Many people think that the title tag is a "ranking factor", but traditionally it does not carry that type of weight....
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The Value of Titles and Descriptions

I apologize for talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo here, but this is a good post to refer to regarding the value of meta tags and title tags and is an excerpt to a customer question:

I spent about 6 hours today digging into the full meta tag set and other tags (like title tags -...
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Contractor Website Education..Our Motto

Our goal is to "educate" and give you the facts that are applicable to what is going on with the business.  We appreciate you as a client and my goal is provide a proper foundation that you can build from today and in the future.  With technology and marketing moving as quickly as it does...
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