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Leads Overflow Program

weWho are we?

  • Contractor Website Services800-554-0451 – 2251 North Rampart Blvd. Suite 1467 Las Vegas, NV 89128
  • Almost 20 years in business
  • We are NOT a lead company, but a contractor marketing company that has handled over 50 million consumers.
  • We have served over 3.8 million contractors
  • We serve ONLY the building and construction industry
  • We understand the Contractor and what they are trying to accomplish – Get Calls, Get Leads, Expose your brand.

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 youWhat do YOU get?

  • Lead Overflow sent to your website and/or phone
  • A backbone registration with Google (not just a listing like all the sales people that call you say)
  • A Physical Google + Page (If you have a Physical Google+ Page the page will be built correctly and optimized)
  • Placement on Google Maps, Mobile Devices, GPS Devices and Search engines that Google controls
  • An honest experience

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 usWhat do WE get

  • Our overhead is too high, with too many consumer requests for construction related services that come back to us, costing us too much money. We want the requests to go to someone besides us. We realize the opportunity of a lead, but because we do not sell leads, we don’t want to handle the expenses that go with it. So we get, SAVED EXPENSES.
  • The opportunity to teach. We believe in education, the footprint to succeeding. If we can teach you, you will consider coming to us for future needs related to the Internet.
  • The opportunity to have you as a client and a good story to share with others around the world to make it easier for us to bring on new customers.

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dollarHow Much?

$295.00 (If your rep offered a coupon code for $200.00 off, the total would be $95.00)

The amount is one time, no monthly, no yearly!

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