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Search Engine Ranking Factors – 2013

Methodology  2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors  500 px The big question we hear every minute of the day - How is my website doing in the search engine rankings?  We teach our clients better ways to ask that type of question, because as we know...
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Contractor Leads – Finish Basement Sandy, UT

Below is a great interaction between Contractor and potential customer looking to invest into the refinishing of their basement.  The generation of contractor leads like this will hopefully help Snow Construction grow their business.  Good luck on landing this job Ken.   Dave: I got both emails called him and will meet with him at 9 in...
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Definition of the long tail keyword

Here is recent response to an email that focused on "long tail keywords"

Hope your having a great week.  I understand your thinking regarding the "long tail" keywords as it applies to SEO.  My experience has been there are many debates regarding the value of these "keyword strings" know as "long tail keywords."  Although each of...
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